About us




At Podot we have a simple mission: break podcasts into the mainstream.

For too long, podcasts were looked on as a medium for hobbyists and amateurs, but now the market has reached the size where it has enormous potential as a means of disseminating editorial content, as well as corporate communications. Put simply: a quarter of all American adults have listened to a podcast in the last month. That's not an audience that can just be served by dudes in garages with Walmart microphones. 

At Podot, we make two types of podcast. For Podot Partners, we produce a beautiful, interesting product imbued with all the values of top editorial content to represent and speak for a brand or company. At Podot Originals, we make new shows under the Podot label, sometimes working with partners or sponsors, but forging a new path into open market territory. If you're interested in hearing more, try dropping us a line.

"Under Nick Hilton, The Spectator built up the best set of podcasts laid on by any UK publication: the main podcast, Coffee House Shots, Americano, Holy Smoke and Sam Leith's books podcast. We'll miss him!" – Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator