The Concept: So you know you want a podcast, but what sort of programming will best showcase the identity you want to project? When you bring Podot onboard, we will start to come up with ideas, drawing upon experience in the market and a knowledge of your brand. We also try and create an editorial clarity, so that you know what shape your show will take – Podot podcasts aren't lifeless advertorials; they have all the vim and vigour of the best journalism.

The Realisation: Taking your ideas and identity, and turning them into an interesting, marketable product is where we shine. We are talented writers and researchers, and work with a wide variety of creatives to turn a rough concept into the final product. The best podcasts are carefully researched and scripted, providing hosts with interesting questions and structured discussion points. We'll leave the long rambling conversations to folks in their garages!

The Production: We take care of the production of your podcast, top to tail. Depending on your needs, we can either book out studio space at some of London's top recording facilities, or record from the comfort of your offices. From there, we can provide you with the entire editing process, including music composition and visual branding. 

The Audience: Reaching your audience is the final step in your podcast journey. We can provide consultancy and management in this area, either working alongside your marketing department to create a campaign that highlights the great show we've cooked up, or running social media campaigns on your behalf. We liaise directly with distributors to try and get your podcast out to as many people as possible.