This is where you can find details of the full slate of Podot podcasts.


Polling Politics

Our first show, Polling Politics, has recently launched. Hosted by Joe Twyman of Deltapoll and Marie Le Conte, it is fast becoming one of Westminster's favourite podcasts. A weekly look at the big stories in current affairs, each episode also sees Joe and Marie join by interesting and high profile guests. The first season of the podcast was sponsored by Ladbrokes, whilst the second season is currently being sponsored by Smarkets. We are always open to other advertising opportunities. Listen to the episodes here:

Establishing Shots

We have recently launched a filmmaking podcast, targeting British and European filmmakers who are interested in candid discussions about the industry. The Establishing Shots podcast is produced in partnership with CineVue, one of the UK’s leading film websites.

Serve and Volley

Our new weekly tennis podcast, trying to carve a niche in a high-value but underserved part of sports media. It has a three-part structure, perfect for advertisers, looking at the latest tennis news, focus on a single player, and a debate about a key controversy in the world of tennis.


We are currently producing the Perspectives podcast with Strategy International, a strategic business development organisation. The first episode of Perspectives, an interview with Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief of British Intelligence, is available now.

We are delighted to partner with Corndel on the Leadership 2020 podcast, an interview series hosted by Clare Carpenter, tackling the biggest challenges facing managers in the modern workplace. Guests for the first series include Anne Francke, Sean Williams, Sue Macmillan, Alison Ettridge and Yemi Olagbaiye. You can find out more about the podcast here.